This  offer is directed to enterprises looking for a high level of service and accessible prices. If you wish to enhance image of your company in order to improve your desirability on the market Diga is the best choice for you. We will help you create or improve your visual identity.

video shoots

If you are looking for video crew this is excellent place to start, we have huge experience in field work, we will be like a ninja.

Up to three video camcorders (large sensor camera, fast lenses), that will give excellent shell deep field, jib crane no problem, tie mic even flying platform, fly cam, slide-cam and more, just to get excellent and unique footage.


If you looking to make still shots, this is a good place to ask .

Easy and Simple

Do you only need a video crew. Yes!

Your footage will be placed on server for easy download, or posted to your destination.

Make it simple.

What we do?

All kinds of video/photo or motion design

videos, success stories, corporate shoots, how to ?  interview, tv advertisement and and so on and so forth…