Filming is one of many things in life that I love, you cold easily say I was born to film . It gives me endless opportunities of becoming an artist and a creator.

Every single one of my projects is special  to me, I love adding personal touch to all of movies that I create.  

Being a perfectionist means that not only I strive for perfection, but also that I am not easily satisfied so I put all of my energy to create a memorable beautiful touching movie.

I am really grateful that thanks to line of work I was able to witness so many beautiful and unforgettable moments in life.

Each wedding ceremony, the whole day is unique and special. I can offer my expertise and tailor to newly weds couple`s dreams and needs. 

Seeing people in love can never get boring.
Lukasz Jamroz

some bio info:

So it rolls…:)

Since the beginning of times 🙂 I have had always a broad spectrum of interests, one of them …brace yourselves I share a secret with you now…was sound processing. Can you imagine that back in my high school years, me and my friend have set up a local radio station called ` Mixman studio`. Later on I have also worked as a radio presenter. Sound processing will always have a special place in my heart.
But my professional journey with filming begun working as a camera operator decades ago (cannot believe that time flies at such a speed) back in 1998.

After graduating from my college with a diploma in my hand I just started gaining my professional experience, editing , photography, motion graphics you name it, I did it. And so my passion evolved.  Graduating from media college with a masters degree I gave it all to my professional side of life. 
Filming mainly corporate events I had a full range of projects …


 2007 was the year of my arrival to this beautiful emerald island. I have set up my own company, Diga video production and as freelancer  using my vast experience I was able to participate in corporate and also private projects.
Giving more and more of my energy, heart and time to keep up and be on top of changes in media world is simply what I do.


With all that experience I can promise you  one thing, when you chose Diga video production to film a special moment of your life, wedding day, communion , birthday or anniversary party, anything at all, you will end up will receiving the most enjoyable  and touching movie to watch.
I really appreciate and am grateful that  I have participated in so many beautiful and important moments in people`s lives. It is a blessing to witness so much love and to be able to give it all back, creating a magical experience, one that you can enjoy again and again throughout years to come…