I love filming , there is no doubt about it, what inspires me is simply …love, life and its emotions. What can be more inspiring to capture than two people in love, standing in front of their dearest family members and closest friends declaring love to each other.
Tears of happiness, joy, anticipation, love and excitement it is all there, you can almost feel it coming to life again when you watch my captivating video.
You cannot call it common or ordinary, this is my passion I will never let it be a typical wedding video. I call myself a story teller, once you see it, you will never forget how captivating and stunning a wedding day can be.

Lukas Jamroz

some bio info:

  • background

    To this day I can still remember my first camera, how my passion was born and progressed with time and experience. My first picture taken was with my dad, who thought me how to take first shots, how to develop a black and white photos at home. That`s how it all started, sometimes I think I was born with a camera stuck to my hand, as it never leaves me. 

    photo proccessing

  • so it goes...

    I have started working as a camera operator in 1998,  first on part time basis.

    It has all started when I did a diploma for my college, my diploma was given to a video company which hired me.  Gradually I have become involved in editing, photography and motion design .

    Lukas Jamroz archive

    After graduation from media college (MA) I got fully involved in media production with huge variety of work, mostly corporate stuff.

    corporate video Lukas J

  • Ireland

    In 2007 I moved to Dublin, where I worked as a freelancer and a founder of Diga Video Production, making projects for corporations and private people. I bring the utmost professionalism and passion to my work 


  • at present

    I consider myself  active and open minded person, who treats new situation as a challenge. Already in my school years I was taking part in many different projects, one of them was creating a local radio station called “Mixman Studio” with one of my friends, later on I have also worked as a radio presenter in “Cyber Station”  radio. Honestly speaking sound processing will always have a special place in my heart.

    Finally I have decided to devote myself to filming and photography . I do film reports, documents, corporate videos, and also important events in people`s lives.

    Lukasz Jamroz camera operator MMC